Blog Tour Review: The Secrets that We Keep

The Secrets That We Keep

Title: The Secrets That We Keep
Authors: Liam Blunt, J. Guibone, Amae Dechavez, Mark Manalang, I.P. Lanz, Irene Recio, Buñag Manlapaz, Yeyet Soriano, Celestine Trinidad
Editors: Georgette Gonzales, Yeyet Soriano
Genre and Themes: Crime Thriller Anthology
Format: eARC
Publication: 24 March 2018
Read: April 2018

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the authors { liam blunt | j. guibone | amae dechavez | mark manalang | i.p. lanz | irene recio | buñag manlapaz | yeyet soriano | celestine trinidad | georgette gonzales }

Oh, we weave such a tangled dark web. Is it possible to disentangle oneself without inflicting damage, permanent damage, to one’s person?

When a person goes missing, how do you find her? Where do you find her? Does she even want to be found?

A vigilante targets neighborhood nuisances. But without any evidence, how will he be apprehended?

Don’t do unto others, lest they do to you what you did to them. In a manner more gruesome than you can ever imagine. Can you survive the retribution?

Dead bodies can’t go anywhere on their own, right? Or can they?


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Start Here || The romance anthology I never knew I needed

Start Here

Title: Start Here: Short Stories of First Encounters
Authors: Agay Llanera, Bobbi Moran, Motzie Dapul, Danice Sison, Barbie Barbieto, H. Bentham, Ella Banta, Yeyet Soriano, Katt Briones, Brigitte Bautista
Editors: Ronald S. Lim, Brigitte Bautista
Genre and Themes: Romance Anthology
Format: eARC
Publication: 27 January 2018
Read: February 2018

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the authors { agay llanera | bobbi moran | motzie dapul | danice sison | barbie barbieto | h. bentham | ella banta | yeyet soriano | katt briones | brigitte bautitsta | ronald s. lim }

There’s a first time for everything. Gatecrashing a KPop concert with an oppa in a business suit. Taking shelter from the storm with the girl you’ve been meaning to shake off. That kiss that blurs the line between friendship and something more. A one-night stand (or, is it?) with your best friend from across the hallway.

Dive into these 10 stories of first encounters – unapologetically queer, happy endings required, with a smattering of that signature #romanceclass kilig. Whether you’re recalling your own firsts or out there looking for one, there’s a story in here for you.

So, go on.

Turn the page.

Start here.

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