April 2018 || April Feels Day, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and facing the blog backlog

Hi there, book-loving humans!

Luckily, April was not as uneventful as March so I have several things to talk about in today’s wrap-up!

Last April 28, I attended April Feels Day 2018 with my girls Kate from The Backwards Bookshelf and Shealea from That Bookshelf BitchI realized just now, should I change my blog name to something with a ‘Bookshelf’ in it?? Hahaha. Okay, sorry, back to the main topic. Although this is the first #romanceclass event that I attended, I actually attempted to go the Feels Day at UP Town Center last year to buy some books but chickened out the very last minute. I was overwhelmed by fact that there were too many people and I don’t know anyone there. Oh well, regrets.

AprilFeels   AprilFeels4

Anyway, April Feels Day 2018 is such a wonderful experience!! I met people that I just usually see and sometimes interact with online like Fay, JM and Inah. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming even to new faces like me.

I also saw some my favorite #romanceclass authors Six de los Reyes (I loved Beginner’s Guide: Guide to Love and Other Chemical Reactions), Tara Frejas (author of Like Nobody’s Watching), and Celestine Trinidad (author of Ghost of a Feeling and Missing Bodies). Funny though, these are the #romanceclass titles I love the most but I haven’t written a review for any of them yet. Huhu. I was internally fangirling the whole time because I was too shy, but it’s like watching my own personal heroes come to life in front of me. They’re real, they’re alive!

Unfortunately, I was not able to hear the live readings clearly because the sound system has problems and we were at the far back of the venue. Thank you to the angel who posted the videos, though, I will binge watch them all later!

Lastly, I bought stuff! I’m on a book buying ban, I know. I. AM. NOT. PROUD. But who can say no to these books and these cute little stickers??? I got The Queen’s Game by Carla de Guzman, Love at First Run by Angel C. Aquino (highly recommended by Kate, btw), the cute quote bookmark based on Ghost of a Feeling by Celestine Trinidad and those mumu (ghost) stickers that are too adorable!

AprilFeels1   AprilFeels2

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Blog Tour Review + Giveaway: The Voting Game by Peter Gulgowski

“Life is all about numbers in my time.”

The Voting Game

Title: The Voting Game
Author: Peter Gulgowski
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopian
Format: eBook
Publication: Self-published, 6 March 2018
Read: April 2018

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In the year 2084, Every Interaction Counts.

Darrius Young’s sixteenth birthday brings a harsh reality: It’s time to join the Voting Game. Playing is mandatory and each day may be his last.

In this bleak future’s society, citizens rate their interactions with one another. Highest scorers are members of an elite upper class. An average score means you can keep playing.

Fall below average? You are taken and killed by the government entity known only as The Bureau.

Darrius has prepared his whole life for this challenge, knowing the reality he will soon face — especially after the death of his mother to the game.

But despite preparation, he’s losing — and not just the Game. Suddenly the people he loves are getting brutally downvoted and taken by the Bureau. It’s soon clear there’s a target on his back, drawn there by the Bureau itself. And Darrius has no idea why.

In a frantic race against time against a society that’s already sentenced him to death, can Darrius save himself and those around him before it’s too late?

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