April 2018 || April Feels Day, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and facing the blog backlog

Hi there, book-loving humans!

Luckily, April was not as uneventful as March so I have several things to talk about in today’s wrap-up!

Last April 28, I attended April Feels Day 2018 with my girls Kate from The Backwards Bookshelf and Shealea from That Bookshelf BitchI realized just now, should I change my blog name to something with a ‘Bookshelf’ in it?? Hahaha. Okay, sorry, back to the main topic. Although this is the first #romanceclass event that I attended, I actually attempted to go the Feels Day at UP Town Center last year to buy some books but chickened out the very last minute. I was overwhelmed by fact that there were too many people and I don’t know anyone there. Oh well, regrets.

AprilFeels   AprilFeels4

Anyway, April Feels Day 2018 is such a wonderful experience!! I met people that I just usually see and sometimes interact with online like Fay, JM and Inah. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming even to new faces like me.

I also saw some my favorite #romanceclass authors Six de los Reyes (I loved Beginner’s Guide: Guide to Love and Other Chemical Reactions), Tara Frejas (author of Like Nobody’s Watching), and Celestine Trinidad (author of Ghost of a Feeling and Missing Bodies). Funny though, these are the #romanceclass titles I love the most but I haven’t written a review for any of them yet. Huhu. I was internally fangirling the whole time because I was too shy, but it’s like watching my own personal heroes come to life in front of me. They’re real, they’re alive!

Unfortunately, I was not able to hear the live readings clearly because the sound system has problems and we were at the far back of the venue. Thank you to the angel who posted the videos, though, I will binge watch them all later!

Lastly, I bought stuff! I’m on a book buying ban, I know. I. AM. NOT. PROUD. But who can say no to these books and these cute little stickers??? I got The Queen’s Game by Carla de Guzman, Love at First Run by Angel C. Aquino (highly recommended by Kate, btw), the cute quote bookmark based on Ghost of a Feeling by Celestine Trinidad and those mumu (ghost) stickers that are too adorable!

AprilFeels1   AprilFeels2

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(January +) February 2018 || A lengthy life update and a number of realizations

Hello, lovely people!

I’m here to share the events of February and because I failed to post a wrap-up last month, bits of January’s. I know it’s a long read, but stay with me, pretty please? ❤

– Life Updates –

January: Travels, yasss!

We’re two months into 2018, and lots of things have already happened I can barely keep up. Honestly, I don’t remember much about what happened last January so let’s see how this post turns out.

Realization #1: Don’t take too long to write wrap-up posts, because, by the time you’re going to write them, you’ve most probably forgotten what you’re going to write.

So here. Last January my family spent 3 days and 2 nights in Sagada! For those who don’t know, Sagada is a municipality in the Mountain Province known for its hanging coffins, beautiful caves, waterfalls, and very lovely sunrise viewpoint! If you’ve watched the film That Thing Called Tadhana (Angelica Panganiban + JM De Guzman), some scenes were shot in Sagada!

On the first day, we dropped by the Banaue and Bayyo rice terraces and they’re much more beautiful than they are at the back of the old 1000-peso bill. Hehe. My pictures don’t do justice at all. In the afternoon, we went spelunking inside the Sumaguing Cave. It wasn’t my first time inside a cave but I was amazed by the limestone formations inside the cave. It was a good thing that we went inside a little bit earlier than planned because, by the time we were going back up, the number of people was at least doubled from when we were on the way down. You don’t want to get stuck in a cave with a lot of foot traffic!

The next day, we wake up very very early to witness the sunrise at Kiltepan viewpoint! It was truly beautiful and the accompanying sea of clouds made it even more majestic! Please, I need more views like this in my life.

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Start Here || The romance anthology I never knew I needed

Start Here

Title: Start Here: Short Stories of First Encounters
Authors: Agay Llanera, Bobbi Moran, Motzie Dapul, Danice Sison, Barbie Barbieto, H. Bentham, Ella Banta, Yeyet Soriano, Katt Briones, Brigitte Bautista
Editors: Ronald S. Lim, Brigitte Bautista
Genre and Themes: Romance Anthology
Format: eARC
Publication: 27 January 2018
Read: February 2018

the book { goodreads | amazon }
the authors { agay llanera | bobbi moran | motzie dapul | danice sison | barbie barbieto | h. bentham | ella banta | yeyet soriano | katt briones | brigitte bautitsta | ronald s. lim }

There’s a first time for everything. Gatecrashing a KPop concert with an oppa in a business suit. Taking shelter from the storm with the girl you’ve been meaning to shake off. That kiss that blurs the line between friendship and something more. A one-night stand (or, is it?) with your best friend from across the hallway.

Dive into these 10 stories of first encounters – unapologetically queer, happy endings required, with a smattering of that signature #romanceclass kilig. Whether you’re recalling your own firsts or out there looking for one, there’s a story in here for you.

So, go on.

Turn the page.

Start here.

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Review: You Out of Nowhere by Jay E. Tria

“How many more low-key goodbyes did I have to bid this guy? I wouldn’t put it past him to be conspiring with the universe, if I believed he liked me that much.

You Out of Nowhere

Title: You Out of Nowhere
Author: Jay E. Tria
Genre and Themes: Adult, Romance
Format: eARC
Pages: 182
Publication: 4 November 2017
Read: November 2017

the book: goodreads | amazon
the author:  goodreads | website | twitter

At 31, Kris’s dating life is starting to resemble a reality show. So when she strikes up a conversation with a nerdy but gorgeous stranger on the train, getting serious is the last thing on her mind. Been there, done that, and she has the emotional baggage to prove it.

At 24, Ringo knows what he wants—and when a train flirtation turns into a night he can’t forget, he knows he wants Kris. But it’s clear she has other plans, and they don’t include him. So when they find themselves on the same flight to Seoul, it’s Ringo’s chance to turn up the heat, and convince Kris to take a risk.

In a new city, with someone new—the right someone—what could change? Maybe nothing. But also, maybe everything.

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A Month in the Life of a Little Bookworm: October 2017 + Halloween Readathon Wrap-up!

Hello, world and fellow bookworms!

October is over and it’s time for another one of our monthly wrap-ups again! Ahhh, where do I start? I believe my October is waaaaay better than September. I joined my first ever readathon, and though I read fewer books this month, I enjoyed most of them. I also posted four book reviews, which is better than what I initially planned. I fell on a minor reading slump at the later part of the month, but it was because I started watching a series that I now love very much. No worries, though, because I’m still on track with my Goodreads reading challenge! And the most exciting of all – I won giveaways and went to watch a play adaptation of one of my favorite series!

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