Blog Tour Review: The Secrets that We Keep

The Secrets That We Keep

Title: The Secrets That We Keep
Authors: Liam Blunt, J. Guibone, Amae Dechavez, Mark Manalang, I.P. Lanz, Irene Recio, Buñag Manlapaz, Yeyet Soriano, Celestine Trinidad
Editors: Georgette Gonzales, Yeyet Soriano
Genre and Themes: Crime Thriller Anthology
Format: eARC
Publication: 24 March 2018
Read: April 2018

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the authors { liam blunt | j. guibone | amae dechavez | mark manalang | i.p. lanz | irene recio | buñag manlapaz | yeyet soriano | celestine trinidad | georgette gonzales }

Oh, we weave such a tangled dark web. Is it possible to disentangle oneself without inflicting damage, permanent damage, to one’s person?

When a person goes missing, how do you find her? Where do you find her? Does she even want to be found?

A vigilante targets neighborhood nuisances. But without any evidence, how will he be apprehended?

Don’t do unto others, lest they do to you what you did to them. In a manner more gruesome than you can ever imagine. Can you survive the retribution?

Dead bodies can’t go anywhere on their own, right? Or can they?


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(January +) February 2018 || A lengthy life update and a number of realizations

Hello, lovely people!

I’m here to share the events of February and because I failed to post a wrap-up last month, bits of January’s. I know it’s a long read, but stay with me, pretty please? ❤

– Life Updates –

January: Travels, yasss!

We’re two months into 2018, and lots of things have already happened I can barely keep up. Honestly, I don’t remember much about what happened last January so let’s see how this post turns out.

Realization #1: Don’t take too long to write wrap-up posts, because, by the time you’re going to write them, you’ve most probably forgotten what you’re going to write.

So here. Last January my family spent 3 days and 2 nights in Sagada! For those who don’t know, Sagada is a municipality in the Mountain Province known for its hanging coffins, beautiful caves, waterfalls, and very lovely sunrise viewpoint! If you’ve watched the film That Thing Called Tadhana (Angelica Panganiban + JM De Guzman), some scenes were shot in Sagada!

On the first day, we dropped by the Banaue and Bayyo rice terraces and they’re much more beautiful than they are at the back of the old 1000-peso bill. Hehe. My pictures don’t do justice at all. In the afternoon, we went spelunking inside the Sumaguing Cave. It wasn’t my first time inside a cave but I was amazed by the limestone formations inside the cave. It was a good thing that we went inside a little bit earlier than planned because, by the time we were going back up, the number of people was at least doubled from when we were on the way down. You don’t want to get stuck in a cave with a lot of foot traffic!

The next day, we wake up very very early to witness the sunrise at Kiltepan viewpoint! It was truly beautiful and the accompanying sea of clouds made it even more majestic! Please, I need more views like this in my life.

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Start Here || The romance anthology I never knew I needed

Start Here

Title: Start Here: Short Stories of First Encounters
Authors: Agay Llanera, Bobbi Moran, Motzie Dapul, Danice Sison, Barbie Barbieto, H. Bentham, Ella Banta, Yeyet Soriano, Katt Briones, Brigitte Bautista
Editors: Ronald S. Lim, Brigitte Bautista
Genre and Themes: Romance Anthology
Format: eARC
Publication: 27 January 2018
Read: February 2018

the book { goodreads | amazon }
the authors { agay llanera | bobbi moran | motzie dapul | danice sison | barbie barbieto | h. bentham | ella banta | yeyet soriano | katt briones | brigitte bautitsta | ronald s. lim }

There’s a first time for everything. Gatecrashing a KPop concert with an oppa in a business suit. Taking shelter from the storm with the girl you’ve been meaning to shake off. That kiss that blurs the line between friendship and something more. A one-night stand (or, is it?) with your best friend from across the hallway.

Dive into these 10 stories of first encounters – unapologetically queer, happy endings required, with a smattering of that signature #romanceclass kilig. Whether you’re recalling your own firsts or out there looking for one, there’s a story in here for you.

So, go on.

Turn the page.

Start here.

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Review: Leave This Song Behind: Teen Poetry at its Best

Leave this Song BehindTitle: Leave This Song Behind: Teen Poetry at its Best
Editors: Stephanie H. Meyer, John Meyer, Adam Halwitz, Cindy W. Spertner
Genre and Themes: Young Adult, Poetry, Anthology
Format: eBook
Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.
Published: April 2016
Pages: 177
Read: May 2016

the book

Leave This Song Behind, an anthology of poems written entirely by teens, is a celebration of impeccable writing and stunning teen expression. In its 27 years, Teen Ink has received nearly half a million poetry submissions. This book includes the best of the best.

Divided into seven chapters, Leave This Song Behind highlights specific poetic techniques including vivid imagery and sensory details; structure and form; narrative poems; and powerful use of metaphors and similes. The riveting language and accessible topics appeal to teens, teachers, parents, poets . . . and everyone in between.

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