#ButterflyTour Launch: My Fate According to the Butterfly Blog Tour

Hello, mga kababayan!

Today marks the first day of the #ButterflyTour! For the next few days, we’ll be having reviews and posts about Gail D. Villanueva’s debut novel, My Fate According to the Butterfly.

It’s actually my first time hosting any blog tour, so I’m a little bit nervous. But at the same time, I can’t wait to read what others, especially my fellow Filipinos, have to say about this book that I loved so much. I’ll be posting my review within the day, so watch out for that!

Your Tita Kate will also be hosting a bookstagram tour alongside this blog tour, so if you want to check out pretty photos of Sab, do check #ButterflyTour and #MyFateAccordingToTheButterfly on Instagram.

A Twitter chat will be hosted by Shealea of Caffeine Book Tours to cap off the tour. Follow @CaffeineTours and #CBTTC on Twitter for updates.

Finally, scroll down for the complete #ButterflyTour schedule, and check out the participating blogs below!


About the book

My Fate According to the Butterfly

Title: My Fate According to the Butterfly
Author: Gail D. Villanueva
 Scholastic Press, 30 July 2019

the book { goodreads | amazon | b&n | website }

Light and deep, smart and funny, crushing and hopeful all at the same time, My Fate According to the Butterfly will open your eyes to both the world’s potential for magic, and to its harsh realities.

When superstitious Sab sees a giant black butterfly, an omen of death, she knows that she’s doomed! According to legend, she has one week before her fate catches up with her—on her 11th birthday. With her time running out, all she wants is to celebrate her birthday with her entire family. But her sister, Ate Nadine, stopped speaking to their father one year ago, and Sab doesn’t even know why.

If Sab’s going to get Ate Nadine and their father to reconcile, she’ll have to overcome her fears—of her sister’s anger, of leaving the bubble of her sheltered community, of her upcoming doom—and figure out the cause of their rift.

So Sab and her best friend Pepper start spying on Ate Nadine and digging into their family’s past to determine why, exactly, Ate Nadine won’t speak to their father. But Sab’s adventures across Manila reveal truths about her family more difficult—and dangerous—than she ever anticipated.


Blog tour schedule

July 21

Shut up, Shealea // Your Tita Kate // The Little Miss Bookworm

July 22

Kaitlyn Gosiaco // Book Freak Revelations // Whimsy Wanders
Camillea Reads // Tale Out Loud

July 23

celuna maria // Metamorphoreader // Book Reviews by the Bloggisters
Unputdownable Books // Read at Night

July 24

Bookablereads // Oro Plata Myta // The Bibliophile District
Accio! Blog // Utopia State of Mind

July 25

Bookish Wisps // R E A (D) I V I N E // The Last Reader
Chrikaru Reads // The Ultimate Fangirl

July 26

Flipping Through the Pages // The Night Faerie // Fil-Am Learners
The Bibliophile Confessions

Bookstagram tour schedule

July 21

Your Tita Kate

July 22

celuna maria // Read at Night

July 23

Book Freak Revelations // Bookablereads
Whimsy Wanders

July 24

Bookish Wisps // R E A (D) I V I N E

July 25

Tale Out Loud // Fil-Am Learners

July 26

Holed Up in A Book // Lives in YA Books


Twitter chat

ButterflyTour Twitter Chat (1).jpg



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