Review + Giveaway: Reign of Mist by Helen Scheuerer

“We were not put on this realm to make apologies, only to make change.”

Reign of Mist

Title: Reign of Mist
Series: The Oremere Chronicles, Book 2
Author: Helen Scheuerer
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Format: eARC
Publication: Talem Press, 13 September 2018
Read: August 2018

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The realm’s darkest secret is out.

The cruelty of the capital and the power-hungry King Arden have scattered Bleak and her companions across the continents.

On the run in a foreign land, Bleak finds herself tied to some unexpected strangers. When the answers she yearns for are finally within reach, she must face the hard truths of her past, and take her fate into her own hands before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, secrets and magic unravel as a dark power corrupts the realm. Bleak’s friends are forced to decide where their loyalties lie, and who, if anyone, they can trust.

But one thing is certain: war is coming, and they must all be ready when it does.

Intriguing and action-packed, Reign of Mist is the second installment in Helen Scheuerer’s epic YA fantasy series, The Oremere Chronicles.


My Thoughts

Hello, lovely readers! I told you I will be back again with another book review. We’re almost halfway through the Reign of Mist blog tour hosted by the forever lovely Shealea at That Bookshelf Bitch. Many thanks to Shealea and the author, Helen Scheurer, for providing us with copies of the book for the blog tour!

As one of the stops today, I will be sharing my thoughts on Reign of Mist, as well as some of my favorite quotes! Spoiler: There will be too many of them because as a quote lady, I cannot, for the life of me, narrow it down to even 10.

Ahh, where do I even begin? I’ve decided to not go into detail with this review like I usually do because there’s only so much that I can say without dropping any spoilers. This is hard because I probably can talk about Reign of Mist animatedly for an hour and I would run out of breath first before all my excitement is drained, but ok I’ll try.

Reign of Mist was everything that I loved with Heart of Mist, but more. First of all, just look at that gorgeous cover! Honestly, it’s kind of sad that these books are not available here in PH because those covers are just so beautiful I want them for my bookshelf.

Helen’s writing is as compelling as I remembered when I was reading the first book. It felt good to be back in the Upper Realm, visiting familiar places and discovering new ones through the eyes of our characters. Like Heart of Mist, the book is told in the perspectives of our heroine Bleak, the Valian Queen Henri, Commander Swinton, and young Dash. The previous book ended with them going their separate ways, and we see here where they eventually ended up. Needless to say, our cast found themselves in different parts of the Realm, which gave us the opportunity to see and explore what lies beyond the coasts of Ellest. And it was as if I was walking through the scorching hot streets of Battalon and the snowy mountains of Havennesse myself, Helen’s magic words work just like that.

‘Every full moon, I have more of my markings tattooed on permanently. Why should it be in moonlight alone that people see what makes me who I am?’

A few new and “new” characters were introduced, and they captured my heart immediately, especially Queen Eydis of Havennesse. Uhm… a queen with exquisite taste in fashion, who is not afraid to let the world see her for who she is, and owns a pack of wolfdogs… how can you not love a woman like that? I’d gladly allow her to adopt me anytime, or maybe even just give me a place in her court, because it looks to me like she will be in need of a new dog master soon.

It was also great to see the original cast back in action. Bleak had gained more control over her powers since we first met her. We also learned more about her past. This girl had gone through a lot of awful stuff since the very first chapters of this series, and she’s just tired of everything. Except when she’s on a ship, she bounces back to life when she’s manning one. Even though her situation then was not ideal, it was great to witness Bleak in her natural habitat.

‘You know I had a life before I came to Ellest.’
‘That’s all I know,’ Swinton snapped. ‘That you had a life. I don’t know what life. I don’t know who you were.’

And since parts of the book were set in Battalon, we got glimpses of Fiore’s life before going to the capital to serve in the King’s Army. Guess what? It looks like our favorite Captain has secrets of his own. And it was him who bugged Swinton a lot in HoM because he’s not sharing things with him. Well played, Fi, well played. Although these secrets made him at least twice as charming, I still have no idea how old he Fi is. I might have missed this detail somewhere. Haha. If anybody can shed any light on this, please comment below or DM me on Twitter (@littlemsbookwrm). For science, please.

Aside from all that, we briefly met the main antagonist of the series, the priestess Ines and learned about her motives and endgame, and how much power she currently holds throughout the realm. Henrietta Valia struggled to gather allies and try to defend her kind from the threats made by the king.

‘Despite my blindness, and my youth, I know that trust needs to be earned, by princes and commanders alike.’

Princess Olena remained to be an amazing young lady even after being shipped to Battalon. While in a land away from home and surrounded by strangers, she managed to forge new friendships and get things done her way as much as possible, including continuing to communicate with her friend Dash. Meanwhile, Commander Swinton was back again trying to make sure his secrets remain hidden no matter what the cost.

Speaking of secrets, while Reign of Mist confirmed a lot of my theories and suspicions from the first book, it also spilled a lot more secrets. Ones that will change the way we look at some of the characters, and ones that just led to more questions. But I’m not telling who or what!

The multiple perspectives let the readers see how things were set in motion from the different parts of the realm, and so the shifting of perspectives excited me more than it probably should.

The plot is so full of action. You’ll easily devour this book as fast as you can because every chapter leaves you eager to know about what happens next. I don’t need to tell you, but I read the majority of Reign of Mist while battling a high fever and nasty pox blisters, and that didn’t even stop me from enjoying the book. That was how absorbed I was in the story.

The third book approaches and our major players are closest to each other than they ever were since the beginning. With all the lies, secrets, and everyone’s motives, it’s hard to tell where the loyalties lie. Believe me, anything could happen, and I’m excited to see how everything pans out in the end.

For now, I think I will be spending the next year reading and re-reading all the short prequels before the next book comes out. You can get said prequels by signing up for the author’s newsletter!





About the Author

Helen Scheuerer

website | goodreads | twitter | instagram | facebook }

Helen Scheuerer is a YA fantasy author from Sydney, Australia. Reign of Mist is the second book in her high fantasy trilogy, The Oremere Chronicles. After writing literary fiction for a number of years, Helen was inspired to return to her childhood love of fantasy thanks to novels like Throne of Glass, The Queen’s Poisoner and The Queen of the Tearling.

Helen is also the Founding Editor of Writer’s Edit (, an online learning platform for emerging writers. In its first year, Writer’s Edit reached thousands of new authors, and soon became its own small press, with Helen overseeing the production and publication of three creative writing anthologies, Kindling Volume I, Volume II and Volume III. It’s now one of the largest writing websites in the world.

Helen’s love of writing and books led her to pursue a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Creative Writing at the University of Wollongong. While the Kindling books were being published, Helen also completed a Masters of Publishing at the University of Sydney.

Helen now lives by the beach and writes full time. She has many more books planned for the future.


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