Review: You Out of Nowhere by Jay E. Tria

“How many more low-key goodbyes did I have to bid this guy? I wouldn’t put it past him to be conspiring with the universe, if I believed he liked me that much.

You Out of Nowhere

Title: You Out of Nowhere
Author: Jay E. Tria
Genre and Themes: Adult, Romance
Format: eARC
Pages: 182
Publication: 4 November 2017
Read: November 2017

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At 31, Kris’s dating life is starting to resemble a reality show. So when she strikes up a conversation with a nerdy but gorgeous stranger on the train, getting serious is the last thing on her mind. Been there, done that, and she has the emotional baggage to prove it.

At 24, Ringo knows what he wants—and when a train flirtation turns into a night he can’t forget, he knows he wants Kris. But it’s clear she has other plans, and they don’t include him. So when they find themselves on the same flight to Seoul, it’s Ringo’s chance to turn up the heat, and convince Kris to take a risk.

In a new city, with someone new—the right someone—what could change? Maybe nothing. But also, maybe everything.


L - My Thoughts

My mother always said not to talk to strangers. She might have mentioned a special clause for the hot ones who read romantic books and weren’t ashamed of it. Those rare ones were sure to be serial killers.

The MRT line along EDSA is probably the worst nightmare of every Filipino commuter. Everything from the long queues to the overstuffed train cars that have major air-conditioning problems will test your patience to the very last bit. Throw in the occasional stalling of trains and you will curse it to the last of breath if you haven’t already done so. Just the other day, a woman lost her arms when she got dizzy and fell on the tracks. And today, the last train car was detached as the rest of the train sped to the next station. Insane! Like the Metro Manila traffic, as Ringo said, it’s the worst thing to wish on an adversary. But it’s also where our main characters, Ringo and Kris, met for the first time. Jay took this horror of a transportation system and turned it into the start of something beautiful.

Most of the story is set in South Korea, and Jay did a really great job painting the country’s scenery and culture with her words. From the food, the places they went to, down to the parade of couples with their matching everything! Also, with the repeated K-drama references and piggyback rides, I had no choice but reminisce about my K-drama memories back to my elementary and early high school. It did nothing but amplify my already existing desire to travel to South Korea. I swear, within the next five years, I’m gonna go book that ticket and go on a Seoul adventure! Preferably with a special someone, yes? (But I will probably watch out for some seat sale. Hahaha)

This boy might never sing along to the soundtrack in my head but he would understand me in the books, and that was enough to turn me on, damn it.

Kris is a tough woman who loves music (but is tone deaf, at least according to Ringo) and is relatively stable with her co-owned business Tipsy Sweetie except maybe for the part where she can’t seem to find any man who can handle her. Because of that, she is planning to give dating one last chance before taking a break from it. Ringo, on the other hand, is a hard-working corporate slave employee who seems to approach everything with nothing but calculated steps and plans. After months of drowning himself with alcohol and his tears, he has finally taken the chance to start dating again. This time, with the purpose of finding ‘the one’. Aside from the both of them trying to get back into dating their failed long-term relationships, Kris and Ringo have very little in common. But thanks to their love for books, which resulted in their first conversation, they found each other. And thanks to the universe, as well, for making sure that they ended up together.

“Oh no, she’s not a ma’am, she’s a tita.”

Ringo calls her Tita. Kris refers to him as kid. One of the things I loved is the way Kris and Ringo exchange teasing remarks about her being several years older than him and all their banters in general. Ringo and Kris are loveable on their own but they are just adorable whenever they’re together. From their first conversation on the train, the way they talk and everything feels so natural that it seems like they’ve already known each other for a very long time. The chemistry is already there! And as I said before, I am just so happy that they found each other. Don’t mind me I’ll just cry in the corner.

I honestly think strange looks were thrown at me when I was reading this in public places and I can’t help but smile and laugh at Kris trying but desperately failing to keep her distance and Ringo pushing his way into Kris’s heart.

*** I received a copy of this book for the You Out Of Nowhere blog tour and I am more than happy to write an honest review. Thank you very much, #romanceclass Flair team! ***

L - Quotes

Wonderful. I was now babbling to a beautiful stranger on the train about my book boyfriend and my complete inability to keep a real one.

If I’d spent another second thinking of the best combination of words to say to you, you would have crossed over to your forties and I still wouldn’t have sent the message. That really is too much time wasted.

I learned that not everyone on my phonebook was my friend. I learned that I didn’t need too many, didn’t have too many to begin with.

I’d realized before that it wasn’t so much that no one was right for me, but was more that I wasn’t right for anyone. At least the ones I’d met. My quirks and wounds and smarts. All of the things that made up my person, and no one was getting it.

“I don’t think this railing will remain standing much longer. It’s weighed down by so many promises.”
“I know. Love is heavy.”

There should be a vacation after a vacation, a period allotted for due recovery. Was that not something people did? I think people really should. Nobody ever told me vacations were this exhausting.


Overall, You Out of Nowhere is absolutely the book for you if you’re up for two loveable characters and their adorable banter, swoon, romance, and a trip to Seoul, South Korea! It is also a reminder that just when you’re about to give up and the universe is feeling generous, it will throw the one you’re looking for right in front of you, sometimes in the most unexpected (or yeah, crowded) places.

L - Rating





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